Canavalin A


In successive stages of Canavalia gladiata seed development, the seeds were harvested and changes over time of canavalin and concanavalin A (Con A) accumulation were investigated by SDS gel electrophoresis and protein transfer analysis. The results showed that the synthesis of both seed proteins began 30 days after flowering (DAF) and that they had different accumulation patterns during seed development. The synthesis and accumulation of Canavalia were more active in SOSO DAF, while the content of Con A continued to increase gradually until the seed maturation was almost completed (80 DAF).

Next, an RNA fraction was prepared from 40 DAF seeds, translated into a wheat germ system, and its translation products were analyzed by immunoprecipitation and SDS gel electrophoresis. The molecular weight (approximately 48,000) of the in vitro product immunoprecipitated with canavalin antiserum was very close to that of Canavalia. The molecular weight (34,000) of the in vitro product immunoprecipitated with the antiserum for Con A was approximately 4,000 higher than that of Con A. Canavalin mRNA was present already at 30 DAF and its translation activity was the highest at 35 -40 DAF. With A-mRNA it was also detected at 30 DAF and, in contrast to canavalin-mRNA, the high activities were maintained up to 75 DAF.

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