Company profile

IBA GmbH is dedicated to providing high-quality tools for life science research. As a “technology” company, IBA is a competent research partner in the academic community and a leading provider of protein purification and expression cloning technologies, as well as protein and nucleic acid delivery technologies.

Patented protein products and services cover the entire drug discovery process. IBA helps its clients from early discovery to market by identifying the company as the premier innovator for the pharmaceutical industry that meets their need to increase research productivity.

The headquarters of the private company is located in Goettingen, Germany, and was originally founded as the non-profit organization “Institut für Bioanalytik”. IBA GmbH started marketing its products and services worldwide in 2000.

Product portfolio:

Strep-tag is a universal and patented technology platform for cloning, expression, one-step purification, detection, and analysis of pure and bioactive proteins.

As the optimal partner for Strep-tag in double-tagged proteins, IBA offers a 6xHistidine-tag that allows rapid control of full-length expression and increases protein purity thanks to two independent purification methods.

Recently, the new MATra (“Magnet Assisted Transfection”) technology has been introduced, a revolutionary method that enables efficient transfection of a wide range of cell lines. A combination of the MA Lipofection Enhancer with the new IBAfect Lipofection Reagent is an excellent combination for “Magnet Assisted Lipofection”.

IBA’s portfolio of high-performance applications is presented as “Integrated Protein Products and Services”. The complete line of protein-focused products is completed by IBA Biologics’ contract manufacturing service that encompasses the large-scale production of recombinant proteins under GMP.

The nucleic acid division is specialized in the synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides, labeled oligonucleotides (eg, for real-time PCR), triphosphates, and total chemical gene synthesis. Of particular importance is IBA’s expertise in double-stranded RNA for interference studies, which is complemented by the transfection reagents mentioned above. In 2004, IBA obtained a license for LNA (locked nucleic acid) from Exiqon.

An advancement in functional T-cell isolation is Streptamer technology, which is a novel method for isolating and functionally characterizing antigen-specific T cells.

The most recent development of IBA is the One-STrEP system for isolating multi-protein complexes and for identifying protein-protein interactions.

Business model

  • Develop and market proprietary products that are marketed around the world.
  • Contractual service activities based on IBA’s own technologies
  • Product and/or technology license for research, diagnosis, and therapy
  • International distribution of products through a network of distributors and the IBA US Distribution Center