Dr. Lothar Germeroth
Executive Director

Lothar Germeroth studied chemistry in Frankfurt / Main and obtained his doctorate in Biochemistry from the department of Nobel laureate Prof. Hartmut Michel at the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt. He began his professional career as a group leader in a diagnostic company where he was responsible for the development of PCR-based HLA-diagnostics and the company’s quality control system.

Subsequently, he served for eight years as CEO at three different German biotech companies (Jerini BioTools GmbH, Chemotopix GmbH, Cytos Proteome Therapeutics GmbH) and as Chief Business Officer at Cytos biotechnology AG in Switzerland, where he has closed several multi-million dollar deals with the pharmaceutical industry. . In April 2002, he joined IBA GmbH as Managing Director.

Dr. Thomas Schmidt
Director of operations

Thomas Schmidt studied biology in Munich and completed his studies with a diploma thesis on antibody engineering in the laboratory of Prof. Plueckthun. After that, he entered the department of the Nobel laureate, Prof. Michel, in
the Max-Planck Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt, where he worked on his doctoral thesis in Prof. Skerra’s laboratory.

There he focused his research activities on molecular recognition and invented, together with Professor Skerra, the Strep-tag technology for the detection, purification, and testing of recombinant proteins. In July 1994, he was appointed by the IBA, where he further developed this technology, transformed it into successful products, and managed its commercialization.

Dr. Joachim Bertram
Scientific Director

Joachim Bertram received his Ph.D. in microbiology in the department of Prof. Gottschalk of the University of Goettingen. He then transferred to the department of hematology and oncology headed by Professor Hiddemann, where he has held various positions of increasing seniority in the biomedical profession.

He conducted scientifically and applied research on the use of antisense oligonucleotides and ribozymes in the field of proliferative diseases. In addition, he focused on the mechanisms of drug resistance development and the use of nucleic acid-based compounds for growth factor mimicking. In 1998, Joachim Bertram finished his “habilitation” at medical school. He joined IBA GmbH in January 2000 and became CEO of IBA Biologics in 2001.

Alois Schneiderbauer
Commercial Director

Alois Schneiderbauer studied biology and chemistry in Munich (thesis on gene expression in spinach in Prof. Herrmann’s group), then did research at GSF in Neuherberg (Molecular Biology of Plant Stress Reactions). In 1991 he started his professional career at the MWG-Biotech Genomics company in Ebersberg. For more than a decade he managed sales and marketing around the world, increasing revenues from 0 to about 50 million euros/year.

After a successful IPO, he joined the board of directors as a chief operating officer, responsible for some 250 staff members. He also served in the US as president of US companies until 2001. Subsequently, Schneiderbauer was a consultant and physician in the healthcare sector. In 2003 he worked at the public biotechnology company Cybio AG (drug discovery and proteomics automation) as vice president of worldwide sales. In January 2004 he joined IBA as a CBO to grow the company’s sales and marketing activities.

Managing Committee

Dipl. Biol. Bettina Renker, MS
Marketing & Sales

Dr. Uwe D. Carl
Recombinant Proteins

Dr. Kai Franke
Nucleic Acids